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FTTH Terminal Box
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32-core ftth terminal box

Chinese supplier 8 12 16 24 core waterproof PC FTTH access outdoor fiber distribution terminal box


Waterproof design, IP-65 protection rating.
Integrated with the connector box and cable management lever.
Easy to maintain and expand capacity.
The bending radius of the fiber is controlled to be more than 40mm.
Mechanical seal construction and mid-span cable
entry.1 * 12 Splitter can be installed as an option.
Efficient cable management.
12-port cable entry for cable entry.

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Product Description

The Fiberey FDB-SJ12A fiber access distribution box can accommodate up to 12 users. It is used as a termination point for the feeder cable for the incoming FTTx system - the drop cable in the network . It combines fiber optic splice, separation, distribution, storage and cable connections in a ruggedized protective case. Box Overview A brief description of the distribution box The product is made of ABS and PC for splicing and connecting the fiber in the FTTX network system, and the box is closed with buttons and buckles, and a waterproof sealing rubber is placed around the cover. All of these designs maintain a box seal with an IP rating of IP65.

Inside the box
is a splice tray and an adapter panel for up to .12 SC simplex adapters (LC FC MT is optional).
At the bottom of the box, it is designed to wind and store fibers. The entire box can accommodate up to 12 subscribers.

Panel Adapter Connector Adverbial Clause: 
Adapter Panel Up to Collins holds 12 SC adapters, which can be used with 1 connector tray to flip 12 spliced ​​fibers.

Product Product distribution box
of the details of the English stainless steel metal member for fixing the optical fiber cable. This box has 12 sockets and is protected by a PE waterproof seal for cable entry. The inlet or outlet cable can be secured by a metal frame that can be mounted on a wall or pole with metal rings and rust-proof bolts and nuts.


Wall Mounting and Rod Mount
FTTH Pre-Installation and Field Mounting
2 * 3mm Indoor FTTH Lead-in and Outdoor Figure-8 FTTH Self-Supporting Lead-in


Packing details
standard export carton (China supplier 8 12 16 24 core waterproof PC FTTH access outdoor fiber optic line end terminal box fiber end box fiber distribution box FTTH junction box FTTH distribution box)
delivery time
5 - payment confirmation 7 day

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