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ElectroniCastc Named Global Saled of 33 Million PLC Splitters in 2017

Time: 2018-05-15

Lightwave reported that the latest report from the market research company ElectroniCast stated that the global sales volume of PLC fiber splitters reached to 37.696 million in 2017 (device-level bare fiber splitters). The report pointed out that with the development of PON applications, PLC will always play a major role in various FTTx deployments. In 2017, PLC splitters for a variety of FTTx, PON and cable TV networks accounted for 97.2% of all sales, or about 31,788,000. At the same time, 1.24 million were used for testing and monitoring, slightly more than 841,000 in 2016. The

ElectroniCast's report classifies PLC splitters into 11 types based on the number of ports, and evaluates the trend of the market from 2017 to 2027.