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Fan-out Type
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Fan-out type plc splitter

Steel Tube With Fan-Out Planar Lightwave Circuit 1x16 1x8 Fiber Optical PLC Splitter

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Product Description

PLC (Planar Light wave Circuit) splitters are ideal for inside/outside plant installations providing superior optical performance and field-proven environmental reliability for FTTx PON applications. PLC splitters are available in a variety of packaging options and can be ordered pre-installed on outside plant splice trays. The PLC splitter series are offered with:
1xN up to 64 ports configurations
2xN up to 64 ports configurations
Our optical fiber array and PLC chip are precisely aligned within an ultra compact package and tested
according to industry standard test procedures,100% Temperature Cycle Testing from -40 to +85 °C.
Compact package –Convenient for Small Application & High Density Areas
Telcordia GR-1209 & GR-1221-CORE Compliant
Jacketing Material Rated to -40 to +85 °C Operating Temperature
Bend Insensitive G657A fiber
Low Insertion Loss and PDL
High Polarization Extinction Ratio & Excellent Uniformity
Offer Unique Designs and Configurations & Support Industry Standard Applications


1.FTTx Deployments(GPON/BPON/EPON)
3.Access/Metro Networks
4.Long Haul Telecommunications

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