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our company strongly believe that : the company
survive long always place the customers benifit in the first place

Factory direct, best price

At the same price, we offer the highest quality products.

Delivery time: 7-10 days

The company has a large number of stable employees over ten years. To ensure that the delivery time can be guaranteed at any time.

High Quality:

IQC-PQC-FQC-OQC.100% qualified.

Satisfactory service:

Special team responsible for after-sales service,Includes installation instructions and technical support.Response within 1 hour,solution within 8 hours, after -sale service email:[email protected]

Company introduction

who we are

Ningbo Kehao Hanxing Optoelectronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd (the parent company is Ningbo Kexing Optoelectronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd) was founded in 2002, which has been focusing on the field of optical and electrical communications for 16 years.
As the founders, the couple Chen Bo and Reng Chunfei started their own business at the beginning and now the team has 200 members.

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It is our great honor that KHHX is recognized by customers all over the world.